Sunday, March 12, 2023

"September Harvest" NEW Cover, Excerpt & Book Trailer

By Lisa Maliga
Copyright 2023

March 2023

Online comment: If only someone would have warned these gullible people about what was going on BEFORE they took the bioweapon. I warned people. Did you?

My reply: I didn't realize how bad it was until June 2021. I spent all summer writing a novella about what I saw going on. Sadly, I don't have a billion-dollar budget to bamboozle people with endless publicity. But I did try...

After answering that question, I decided to put together a book trailer to promote my eBook. And I changed the cover from one of the watercolor illustration of the mall’s interior to a photo of a dead mall’s exterior. Finally, I rewrote the book's description. 

New Book Description:

It’s 1979 and Laurie Caswell is working as a bookstore clerk at the Northbrook Mall. That Saturday evening, she sees a movie with her boyfriend, Dennis Nolan. Instead of dining at a restaurant, the teenage couple goes to her parents’ suburban house for some adult beverages. He leaves, and in the early hours of the morning, she has a horrifying nightmare.

A nightmare of a future where the mall resembles a prison. It’s populated with overweight, black-clad people wearing face masks, and lining up outside the former Sears department store for mandatory Convict-21 injections.

Will the nightmare come true, or will the old book she discovers the next day at a yard sale help change the course of humanity forever?


“The signs on the door demanded that recipients of the Convict-21 vaccine must wear masks, be over the age of twelve and I stopped reading the sign after that. The cosmetics section of the once-thriving department store was minus its display cases. The Avon and Revlon makeup kits were gone. Vibrant young salespeople offering sprays of perfume were absent. No floral fragrances lingered in the air other than generous gusts of alcohol-based sanitizer from spray bottles being squirted by uniformed medical workers. It reminded me of some sort of pest-control team—and it appeared like we were the pests.”

Book Trailer:

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