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NOTES FROM NADIR is a darkly humorous look at a year in the life of a writer who returns to her "flyover country" home to live with her elderly mother.

If noon is Zenith then Nadir is 6:30. And it was 6:29 and counting down. Way down.
Notes from Nadir is available on Kindle now. 

Here are some reader reviews for NOTES FROM NADIR.

"What started off as a blog series, ended up as a book. One I have thoroughly enjoyed reading.

Notes from Nadir are quite literally just that--notes. A journey home from Hollywood to Nadir has its adventures.

Jobless, financially bereft the author drives across country to live rent free with her mother, until she is financially stable again. Arriving home brings about the mundane pressures of living with an elderly mother, while searching for work. Each day thoughts and happenings of the author Lisa Maliga are recorded in a light-hearted banter. Amusing anecdotes of jobs she applied for and those she was successful in obtaining.

The author created an interesting story with her notes, the flow is not broken with the short snippets. We see the changes in the relationship between a romantic crush on a boss, and new affection between mother and daughter.

If you enjoy memoir style books you will enjoy this one. If you enjoy something different, you will enjoy Notes From Nadir."

"This book reads like a memoir and I think it's because it is. Honestly, I wasn't sure I could get through it because it started at an odd point in the character's life. However, after I started, I couldn't put it down. Seriously.

Why? It boils down to one thing: The writer is an amazing story teller. The way she describes even the most mundane events drew me in. I had to know what was going to happen next. I can't compare this book to any other books I've read because it isn't. If this isn't a true story, you'll believe it is. 

The ending really surprised me and it left such a impact, I'm sure I'm not going to forget this novel in a long time. This is part one in the series. The second book is a must read for me."

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Reviewed by Clarissa Draper on her blog "Listening To The Voices"

As reviewed on the Amazon UK site: "I first started reading this memoir through the author's blog, and I was quickly hooked by her conversational, down-to-earth style. The book - with lots of new content not featured on the blog - follows the author as she leaves behind her LA life and returns to her roots, with lots of vignettes and familial snapshots along the way. A very enjoyable read about trying to fit back into a mould you no longer fit." Talli Roland, author of The Hating Game

Notes from Nadir ~ the book

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