Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Introduction to Nadir

If noon is zenith then nadir is 6:30. And it was 6:29 and counting down. Way down. Merriam-Webster succinctly defines nadir as: “the lowest point.” Nadir – it was the place where I was inevitably going. A lotta stuff got me headed in that downward direction. Decisions made too late. Unmade calls. Emails that never were answered. Lots of missed connections. Excuses. That’s how it was. That’s what was happening, I was caught in the web of my own cause and effect and the resulting karma was ripening. Ripening of karma means that payment is due pronto. And who pays for my own karma? Me. No checks accepted. No credit cards. And there sure as heck weren’t any I.O.U’s.

Only had one place left to go. Back east. Back to a place I no longer called home. Back to a mom I hadn’t lived with or even seen in many years. She had a new house in some semi-retirement community. She emailed me some pictures of it. She had a spare room. Two-car garage for storage. Quiet neighbors. Free internet access. And a few conditions…

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