Friday, October 22, 2010

Notes from Nadir is Here!

Notes from Nadir is officially on Kindle! This novel introduces you to new characters and allows the reader to gain more insight into this oddly humorous situation. By meeting the relatives, the groundwork is established for my forthcoming sequel blog, Leaving Nadir.

Initially, I wasn't planning on residing in Nadir for more than a few months, so the omission of certain characters in the blog will make more sense in the Kindle version.

For those of you who have a blog and/or website and would like to review a .DOC or HTML version of Notes from Nadir, please send me an email at:

Even if you don't own a Kindle, you can download a FREE Kindle reader for your PC or Mac here

If you live in the UK, here's a link to the version.


Crimey said...

Lisa, congrats on getting Notes from Nadir on the Kindle. I'm adding it to my to-read queue.

Clarissa Draper said...

Sounds interesting. I'll have a look.

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog.


Paul C said...

Congratulations on publishing in the digital format. One of these days I hope to join the growing number of e- readers.

DEZMOND said...

congrats, Lisa, can't wait for the continuation of your charming adventures :)

Dempsey Sanders said...

congrats Lisa. Will certainly have a read

Ann Best said...

Lisa, I'm so excited for you! I just downloaded Kindle PC and bought your book. I hope to read it soon!!!

Kittie Howard said...

Lisa, congrats for the Kindle connection. I've put your book on my list. Don't have a Kindle (but will have one); in the meantime, thanks for the PC download.

Holly Ruggiero said...

Congrats! It's on my TBR list too!

Old Kitty said...

Congratulations!!!!! YAYAYAYAYA!!

I'll update my link to your "to be published" book linky thingy on my blog to add KINDLE ready and able and willing!!

But you will have the paper print too right!??! right?? :-)

From a non-kindle person! LOL!

Take care

Melissa Gill said...

Congrats on your kindle debut

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations! Okay, now I definitely need to download the ap for my iPad.

notesfromnadir said...

Thanks for visiting & adding my book to your list. Much appreciated!

Glad you stopped by and I'm wishing you all the best on your mystery series. You have a lot of writing head of you!

Hi there! Yes, digital publishing is getting bigger all the time. Kindle is great for downloading books FAST!

Thank you kindly! I have a LOT of writing to do in the next 30 days!

Thanks for stopping by!

Great to see you here & thank you so much for buying my book! :) Very much appreciated. I love the Kindle for the PC as I continue to grow my collection. I hope your book is also available on Kindle.

Great to see you here! Thanks for your kind wishes. It's so easy to download the Kindle on the PC or Mac.

Thanks so much!

Hello & good to see you! Thank you so much for adding my link – very much appreciated. Yes, I may have a paperback version in the early part of next year.

Thank you!

Hi there! Thanks so much & I see your book is doing very well! It's so nice that Kindle is available for the iPad as well as the PC & Mac.

Jai Joshi said...

That's so great, Lisa! I'm happy to hear that Notes from Nadir is now available on Kindle. Congratulations!


notesfromnadir said...

Hello, good to see you & thanks for visiting! Yeah, it's nice having a new book on Amazon.

Carol Kilgore said...

Good for you. Congratulations.

Talli Roland said...

Fantastic, Lisa - massive congrats! I'm going to check it out on Kindle now!

Anonymous said...

Grats Lisa! Also, there is something on my blog for you! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! on the milestone. And thanks for stopping by and saying hi.

Stephen Tremp

notesfromnadir said...

Hi Carol,
Thanks for stopping by & thanks for your good wishes!

Good to see you, Talli! Thanks for your support & kind words!

Really appreciate the award & have added it & your link to my separate THANKS page. Very kind of you to think of me!

Thank you for visiting & for your good wishes! You're right, it is a milestone, I just never thought of it that way!

Lydia Kang said...

Excellent! I'm downloading it. So cool that you finally have it on e-readers everywhere!

notesfromnadir said...

Thanks again for another Marvelous Medical Monday edition [which I actually managed to read on a Monday!]. I also appreciate you buying my book -- very kind of you. :)

Christine said...

Apologies for a very late comment. I just wanted to say 'congrats' on getting Notes from Nadir on Kindle.
Best wishes

notesfromnadir said...

Thanks, Christine! :)

Creepy Query Girl said...

Wow- congratulations!!

notesfromnadir said...

Creepy Query Girl,
Thanks so much! :)

L. Diane Wolfe said...


notesfromnadir said...

Thanks, L. Diane! :)

Talei said...

Congrats Lisa! I will definitely check it out and try and download that app too so I can read your book. ;)

notesfromnadir said...

Hi Talei,
Good of you to stop by & thank you! :) The PC app is really nice & so easy to use.

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