Friday, September 14, 2012

Out of the Blue: A Novel – Meet Sylvia's Mother

OUT OF THE BLUE is about Sylvia Gardner, a naïve cashier who lives with her mother in Richport, Illinois. Upset with being dumped by her first boyfriend; she falls in love with Alexander Thorpe, an English actor after watching him on a PBS drama.

In this flashback scene we learn more about Sylvia's upbringing.

Her mother would’ve disliked Alexander, even though he was a well-known actor. She would have referred to him as a dissipated old lecher for he was a man. An older man. And of course since he was a man, he wanted to get his rocks off. Vivian feared her daughter would wind up as unhappy as she had been once she got married.

After all, her mother had married an older man—Fred Gardner was almost a dozen years older than Vivian. But after the divorce and the move into the apartment complex, Sylvia found a small beige photo album when moving boxes in the garage. She sat down on a lawn chair and opened it up. A smiling Vivian looked at the camera. It was taken from the waist up and she recognized the canary yellow polyester minidress that her mother had bought back in 1969. It was always worn with white vinyl go go boots. Her dark hair was center parted and hung in loose curls just past her narrow shoulders. Her mom looked a lot younger in that picture. She turned the page and saw a bearded man standing next to Vivian. His long hair was thick and curly. A folded red bandana was wrapped around his head. Who was that man?

If you'd like to read more, OUT OF THE BLUE is available at the following online bookstores:

Paperback: Out of the Blue
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Amazon Kindle: Out of the Blue
Amazon Kindle UK: Out of the Blue
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Talei said...

Congrats on your new novel, Lisa! It's been ages since I've able to pop over. Hope all is well with you.

The excerpt was interesting, I get the feeling, Sylvia's mother leaves a lasting impression on her daughter. And I'm curious to hear about this english actor? ;-)

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