Saturday, October 19, 2013

Notes from Nadir: The Second [Expanded] Edition

NOTES FROM NADIR the second edition will be available in eBook and paperback formats on November 5, 2013. 

It has been updated and expanded and is approximately 290 pages/88,000 words.

"Notes from Nadir" is an amusing and poignant look at a Los Angeles-based writer who returns to her Midwestern home due to financial difficulties. Moving back in with Mom in a semi-retirement community, she looks for jobs that pay far less than the wages she earned back in L.A.  From working at a bakery where she hopes to get to know the boss a little better, to finding a job at an online auction site, the author introduces us to a wacky assortment of characters. Along the way, she deals with Mom's declining health, unsympathetic relatives, and rediscovers a place she left many years ago when she dreamt of becoming a screenwriter. The narrator struggles with being in Nadir, both the place and the state of mind. 

A new excerpt will be posted next week.
eBook cover
Paperback cover

If you would like an ARC [PDF] so that you can post a review on your blog or on an online bookstore, please send me an email at: 


Old Kitty said...

Oh wow!! Great to see you back in blogland!! Take care

notesfromnadir said...

Thanks for stopping by, O.K.! :)

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